More information on Baptism in our Churches

Baptism is the sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ as the means of entering the Church, of having sins removed and of starting on the road to sharing in the life of God himself. It is only administered once in a person’s lifetime but can be performed at any age. For many centuries, in our country, baptism has usually been conferred on babies or very young children, but in recent times many people have been adults before they have been baptized.

When a baby or young child is baptized, the Church asks parents and Godparents to make certain promises on behalf of the child. They also promise to see that the child is brought up in the Christian faith. By being baptized, a child is entering into membership of the Church and so the Church is keen that they are given every help in their lives as Christians.

When an older child or adult is baptized, there will usually be a course of preparation before the actual baptism. Here they will learn about, and be given the opportunity to discuss, the Christian faith. They will make the promises for themselves and will usually be Confirmed in the same service as they are baptized.

Here at St Francis’ and Holy Evangelists, baptism is usually conferred on a Saturday, during a special service at which the family and friends of the baptism candidate are made welcome and the service is explained to them by the Vicar. It is an informal and relaxed occasion, at which there is plenty of opportunity for photographs! On some occasions, it is more appropriate that baptism takes place during the main Sunday mass and in such cases the atmosphere, whilst more formal, is equally friendly and allows the congregation to welcome the newly-baptized into the parish community.

Please contact the Parish Office on 01782 393189 for further details.

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